Thursday, November 09, 2006

Now It's #2's Turn

I just got back from the Emergency Department at the local hospital. Now it's time for #2 to get sick. Nothing serious, just a virus apparently, but this mummy had a slight panic at how fast her baby's temp was going up and how red she was getting and decided that a quick trip to the E.D. was better than a terribley sick baby. She was slightly warm before dinner and very grumpy but she'd only had one sleep today - she's deciding if she still needs two sleeps a day (my vote is YES!!) or just one - so I put it down to being tired and using up lots of energy perfecting the art of walking. But, while we were eating dinner her temp went up and up and up and we watched her poor little face turn bright red, then her chest and belly and then her arms and legs. Then she started getting splotchy and then... well, I admit it. I went into panic mode. The staff at the hospital were very lovely and checked her out thoroughly - yes her temp was very high at 39.2˚C/102.5˚F, the blotchiness was fading as she cooled down so was a result of being too hot rather than anything sinister, her ears and throat were fine, and although she was obviously not very happy she was alert and responsive. There was some talk of Parvo Virus, also known as 'slap face' because that's what it looks like, but as she cooled down a bit her cheeks lost some of the redness so they decided against that. They sent me home to give her some Baby Panadol to try to relieve her temp and help her settle down a bit and now she's asleep with the air-con on. I think we are in for a fairly unsettled night but I'm relieved that it doesn't seem to be anything more than a virus. I'm off to bed to try and get some sleep in before the Baby Panadol wears off.


Claire said...

Sick is no fun...I hope that one day I'll be able to help take care of those little ones and make them better! Hope y'all heal quickly and get back to toddling soon!

The Cookbook Junkie said...

I hope she's feeling better today. Sometimes it seems the worse it is, the quicker they recover.