Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Offspring Stories

An Offspring #1 Story

#1 is very interested in numbers at the moment. He wants to know what particular numbers say, like "Mum, what is a 1 and a 7?" I have to ask if he means 1 and 7 together or 1 and 7 next to each other and then we usually have to have both answers and much discussion follows. He also likes to know 'how much' everyone is. Like he is 4 and #2 is 1 and Mummy and Daddy are 34. Anyway, yesterday he wanted to know 'how much' his kindy teacher is. I said that I thought she was 30 or 31. He thought about that for a minute. Then his eyes got really big. Then, "Wow! That's really alot. That's nearly 60!" I tried not to laugh and said, "Really?" and he replied, "Yeah, or maybe it's nearly 20. I'm not really sure." I'm pretty sure I know which one Miss Kindy Teacher would prefer LOL!
An Offspring #2 Story, in picture form.

Is she dreaming about winning a race in the Olympics of taking part in Australian Idol?


Chantalle said...

What're you gonna do when Ben is five and can add up better than you?? You'll have to train him to do your tax for you.LOL

Red dirt mummy said...

Not a bad plan, Chantalle! I could easily be offended by that slur on my mathematical ability but since we both know you are only stating the facts...