Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Teacher's Gifts

Tomorrow is the last day of kindy for Offspring #1. What a big milestone. He seems pretty cool with the whole idea but a certain Mummy is feeling a bit sad and sorry! We made Cookie-Mix-In-A-Jar for #1's two teachers for their Christmas gifts. I think they turned out pretty well. We did a test run last week and made a batch of cookies (they are Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookies) to see how they turned out and were quietly pleased with them. The main thing I wanted, besides them being tasty, was for the recipients to not have to add too many other ingredients or follow long and complicated steps. Anyway, I got the recipe from a site called Gifts From Your Kitchen that is well worth checking out - lots of yummy recipes to try.
I have tried to post pics of the finished gifts but someone (ie the Hubby!) changed the settings on my camera so the photos are huge and I'm not sure how to make 'em smaller so Blogger will be happy with them.I'll get him to fix them up and post them later.


Chantalle said...

Hey, this present sounds great Mandi. I hope I get presents as cool (I'm not holding my breath as kinder teachers always get better pressies than high school teachers, although I do teach 2 kids from a family with a vineyard in the Yarra Valley - hmmmmm).

Chantalle said...

I've just checked out the Gifts From Your Kitchen site - some great ideas! Thanks!

Red dirt mummy said...

So glad you checked out the site, Chantalle. I got some great ideas from it. And you are so right about kindy teachers getting better presents... I'll always remember a particularly obnoxious (teacher's pet-type kid but realllllly annoying) Yr 9 boy giving me a whiteboard marker for Christmas "because you always seem to lose yours and you should take better care". Ummm, thanks.