Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Bad Day Shopping

I did the 'big' food shop this morning. I tootled around the supermarket comparing prices, checking out new products and only buying what was on my list. I was determined to stick to my list and am therefore kicking myself for not giving in to the need to add that block of chocolate to the trolley (although I did just text Hubby and lovingly beg him to stop at the shop on the way home from golf!). I have my menu plan for the fortnight and my shopping list is made up from the ingredients for that. But what, I ask you, do I do when the supermarket doesn't have all the required items? I'm not talking specialty items. I'm not talking gourmet. I recognise that I live in Red Dirt Central and that the supermarket has to cater for the masses while being a really long way from... well, anywhere.
I didn't think it was that outrageous to include strawberries on my shopping list. But, not a strawberry was to be seen. Okay, thought I. Maybe the truck (ie the truck with the fresh produce on it) is due in this afternoon and I'll be able to whiz down and grab some strawbs tomorrow. Not a big deal. And I headed off to the dried herbs and spices.
Cumin? Has anyone seen any cumin? Nope, not on the shelf. It has a little sign thing so I know they have had it at some point. Again maybe the other truck, with all the other stuff, is due in too. Off to the freezer section.
I needed some frozen raspberries (and thought I'd try my luck with frozen strawbs too). Yay, there were two boxes of raspberries and a few boxes of frozen cranberries so I grabbed what I needed and headed off to the dried fruit. I knew it was a big ask, and to be fair I didn't think I had much chance but figured while I was getting dried apricots and dried apples I'd have a look for dried strawbs and dried cherries. Disappointed I headed off to look for sunflower seeds and pepitas (pumpkin seeds) - got the sunflower seeds but no pepitas. At that point I crossed home-made muesli off my menu plan.
Also missing from the shopping list was chicken mince, which I know they usually have so I'll check again tomorrow or early next week, and buttermilk, which I've seen but need for tomorrow so now I'm off to find out how to substitute regular milk for buttermilk.
It wasn't all bad. I did get most of my list, the zucchinis looked gorgeous and were super cheap too, I got some nice looking steak, I remembered to buy ice-cream (finally) and the bananas were still on special for $2.98/kg so I bought more. Offspring #1 and I enjoyed banana milkshakes for afternoon tea while #2 happily chomped away on a whole banana with a sprinkling of sultanas - two of her very favourites.
PS: my neck and back are feeling lots better although still "twinge-y". Thankyou to those who left well wishes and also those who emailed me.


The Cookbook Junkie said...

You can usually substitute sour milk for buttermilk (a bit of vinegar and regular milk mixed and allowed to sit for at least 5 minutes).

If I don't find what I need at one store, I have at least two other stores to check here. Sometimes I spend all weekend going from store to store, or so it seems.

Claire said...

Another substitute for buttermilk is 3:1 ratio of yogurt and milk. I like this better because it gives the thicker texture that buttermilk has.

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, sounds like someone in the family needs to send you a care package!