Friday, January 12, 2007

We're back!

Back in Red Dirt Central that is! We got in around 2 this afternoon and have never been so pleased to see our own beds and just general stuff. #1 forgot all about his many new toys and had a joyous reunion with the many toys already residing in his bedroom while #2 seemed to take delight in exploring every inch of the house and bringing us everything she could find - so helpful while trying to unpack after a month away... NOT!

We had a good trip back and enjoyed the trip for what it was - our last bit of holiday - rather than a three day road trip with two small kids! The kids were fabulous with all the travelling and coped really well, although I think the car DVD player may have helped there.

Anyway, we are nearly unpacked, the first couple of loads of washing have been done, and the new microwave has moved to it's rightful place on the frighteningly small kitchen bench. I'm absolutely exhausted and heading off to bed but had to share a pic first.

Here is #1 at a friends place earlier this week. He was playing volleyball with his "Uncle Wobbie" AKA Uncle Rob, who told him that if he wore his Dad's hat backwards he would look scary and that if he grunted really loud when he hit the ball he would be able to play better. #1 took him at his word and had a great time flinging himself about and grunting like a wild animal.

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Pass The Torch said...

Welcome back! And thank you for your sweet comment on my blog:))