Monday, February 05, 2007

#1's First Day Off

Poor Offspring #1 has a stye. No, not his bedroom, although that was particularly piggy-like today! It's on his eye. It came up a couple of days ago as a little white spot but when he woke up Sunday morning it was huge and looked so sore. We took off to the hospital in the afternoon, partly because it was swelling at an alarming rate and partly because there was no point waiting to get an appointment with the Dr today. The waiting time for appointments at the local GP's is currently one week and that's to see any Dr, not the Dr of your choice! Anyway, the Dr on call at the hospital said it was a stye, prescribed some antiboitics and hot compresses and said #1 wasn't to go to school until the stye had popped or gone away. So... today I have had a perfectly well, but very grumpy young man who wanted to be at school but wasn't allowed to be. He doesn't like the hot compresses - yes I'm careful not to make it too hot and burn the kid - he says the medicine tastes "eerrrrrkkkk" and he's "booooorrrrrrreddddddd". We have done 'school-work', coloured, played cars, played blocks, done more colouring and watched kids tv. He has also: tortured his sister, moaned, whinged, whined, moaned some more, tortured #2 some more and complained that he was hungry... A LOT!! Several times I got him sorted and left him happily involved in some sort of activity and right on cue, just as I was up to my elbows in something, he got bored/hungry/fed up. I really hope he wakes up in the morningwith his eye miraculously healed but I have a not-so-pleasant feeling that I'll have him here tomorrow too. Wish me luck!

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kitchen hand said...

I was serially afflicted with styes as a kid. They were annoying more than painful. They eventually went away as I grew up. I still remember the smell of the sticky yellow ointment.