Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Got Offered A Job!

We're still working out details but the regional centre for the University up here offered me some lecturing work. I am stoked! I have also taken on some after-school tutoring for a couple of primary school kids - one is dyslexic, has ADD and other learning difficulties too so she should be lovely and challenging while the other just needs a bit of motivation to do as well as he can rather than being satisfied with what he can get away with. On top of all that I have a workshop tomorrow night! Life here is busy, but I kinda like it.

#1's cold is still dragging on. He's snuffly but it won't turn into a 'proper' cold. #2 is still snotty and grotty but her temp is closer to normal. She's still eating huge amounts so it doesn't appear to be disrupting her appetite LOL. Thankfully she slept much better last night. I used one of those plug-in eucalyptus smelly things (hmm... now there's a great description LOL) and that seemed to really help.

Sorry, no recipes today. I have been a bit bored with cooking the last few days. Besides not having much time I haven't been grabbed by the urge to make anything. Normally I have a few recipes lined up that I'm dying to try but I'm all out. I think I'd better schedule a trip to the library in around the food shopping tomorrow.

I do have a picture to share though. It's one of my favourites from our trip.

#1 and his Pop

- the tyre swing at Pop's house-


Donna said...

Forgot to say, I'll have to try your Oatmeal and Raisin cookies. I think my hubby will like those. Then again there is no chocolate in them!!!

Donna said...

Ok, so my first comment didn't appear, so it went something like this.

So you're looking forward to starting work, while I'm counting down to finishing (well at least counting down how long I have to keep teaching yukky year 10 boys!)
At least yours should be more mature than mine.

I hope the kids are well again soon. I have the photo of your #2 on my fridge still, and frequently get asked who the little cutie is. My #2 says "Oh, dear, ME!!"

Red dirt mummy said...

LOL Donna. My #2 now says "Dear!" when something goes wrong! I guess I need to find a new phrase.

JenTX said...

LOVE this picture. That is such a genuine "happy" smile!

Good luck on the job. Sounds like you are going to be busier than ever!

Sure do hope the kidlets are feeling better. It's always so hard on Mom when they don't feel well.

Red dirt mummy said...

Thanks, Jen. I love the pic too - he adores his Pop and has finally got big enough (and brave enough) to ride on top of the tyre instead of sitting in the middle of it!