Thursday, February 15, 2007

It Is Too Hot!!

The past week or so has been stinking hot! It's not just the heat, the humidity has been high so it has been hot and sticky. Today's minimum was 27.8˚C (82˚F) at 7.07 this morning and at 7.30am we hit an 80% humidity reading. Nice... NOT! Our high was 42.1˚C (108˚F) at 1.31 this afternoon when the humidy had dropped to a bearable 27%. It's currently 8.30pm and we have 33˚C (91˚F) with a humidity of 53% - yep, the air-con is still on and I have a sneaky feeling it will be on all night long.
So, on a hot, sticky and generally revolting day what is the best after-school-snack?


Straight from the fridge, icy cold, naturally sweet, ever-so-juicy, Watermelon!


JenTX said...

Now that is a picture of sheer joy and happiness! Beautiful kids!

I wish I could send you a little of our cool air. And I really can't complain cause up north, they are really in the deep freeze. I get all whiney about our high of 42°. I couldn't stand the below zero temps some states are having.

But I know how miserable the high heat and humidity is too. Ice cold watermelon seems to bring out the smiles!

I love hearing about your weather. Seems so weird to know that you are in the middle of summer and we are in winter. The internet is a marvelous thing! LOL

kitchen hand said...

It's hot in Melbourne but not quite that hot. I love it. I'd happily live in that heat for six months a year.

What cute kids!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandi. I must say I don't miss that heat and being back near the coast I can sympathise with your humidity dilemma! I am hooked on your blog...check so often that sometimes there isn't any new posts and then I realise that I had already looked that day! (note to self...must get a new hobby!) Great pics of the little ones. Very cute but growing up so fast. Glad Ben likes school, Em too. Full days next week...hmmm got a recipe for dealing with tired kids! Kazza

Chantalle said...

I came to Melbourne to get away from the heat!! It's 38 degrees today!!

Red dirt mummy said...

Jen - the cooler weather sounds heavenly right about now.

It's not the heat so much, Kitchen Hand, it's the humidity that comes with it.

Hi Kaz - so glad you're still reading. It sure is a different heat to the old days we shared in "Red Dirt Tiny Town". Glad Em is liking school. My recipe for tired kids is to tape Doopa and put it on when I think he should go to bed, not necessarily waiting till 7.30pm!

Chantalle! Where have you been???? Hey, if it was 38 in Melb then it probably hailed the next day LOL!