Saturday, February 10, 2007

There Goes Her Modelling Career!

Offspring #2 took a tumble today - rather than walking (running!) through the door she fell out of it, down the little step and scraped her face along the bricks on the outside of the doorway. She has a nice scrape down her cheek and a couple of grazes on her chin but you would have thought the world was ending if you had heard her scream. A quick Mummy-cuddle, a wipe with a cool flannel and she was off and racing again. The bounce-back time for a 17 month old is incredible!


JenTX said...

Ouch! I wouldn't rule out her modelling career too soon. She is a beauty even with a boo-boo on her cheek!

It is amazing how fast little ones recover and I think little girls are tougher than boys~~especially when it comes to getting injections (like their vaccinations!) My boys howled before, during and after like they were being murdered! My friends little girl just watched the nurse stick the needle in her arm and didn't even whimper. LOL

I bet a piece of that Banana Ginger cake would help too. At least it would make Mum feel better!

Claire said...

She is just precious...even with the scrape! I took a tumble like that...except it was inside, while walking on chairs around a table (yeah, great childcare teacher there!), and hit my chin on the corner of the table. It burst open and I had to get stitches. I was only two but actually remember waiting in the hall with the director for my dad...BUT I didn't want Daddy, I wanted Mama...NOT HAPPY! They even had to tell me a story about a...chocolate cake to do the stitches! I'm none the worse for wear though! Glad that a Mommy-cuddle was just what she needed! :-)

Red dirt mummy said...

Thanks guys. We think she is gorgeous but we freely admit to being just a teensy bit biased LOL!

Jen, the cake won't work for her, I'm afraid. Everytime she's had ginger she has had such a belly-ache afterwards that I avoid giving it to her now.

Ouch, Claire. I bet it must have hurt for you to still remember it.I've seen your photo on your blog and you are beautiful so I guess there is hope for #2 yet LOL.