Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We Have A Visitor!

Grandma got jealous when Grandpa got to see us all last week so... guess who arrived on the afternoon plane yesterday? She's here for a week and we're gonna have fun, fun, fun.
We once again managed to surprise Offspring #1 and this time his face was beyond priceless. We told him we had to go to the airport to pick up a package and that we'd have a look at the planes while we were there. When I found Grandma I told #1 that I could see the package and then she stopped in front of us. He looked up and his eyes got bigger and bigger, then the grin started and then he clutched my hand really tight and kind of whispered, "Mum, that's my Grandma." The poor kid ws a little overwhelmed but as it finally sank in that Grandma was here for a holiday she got the hugging of her life. It was so gorgeous to watch. He has dragged her off to see a thousand things and every sentence so far has started with, "Guess what, Grandma?"
No recipes today because our visitor arrived with a special delivery for dinner - KFC, all wrapped up and carefully carried on the plane. YUMMO!


Ellie said...

Ooooh, KFC is my dirty little secret! I rarely eat junk food, but when I do, it's only KFC that I crave :P

Chantalle said...

I don't know what's up there now, but back in the day when there were no fast food places in Red Dirt, those care flights were really important. I remember my mother bringing about $200 worth of frozen KFC up. It doesn't quite have the same KFC-ness when frozen and reheated, but beggars and all that.
I'm not sure I would have managed becoming a vegetarian had there been a KFC within driving distance!

JenTX said...

Not being in Australia, please tell me what KFC is. (we have a Kentucky Fried Chicken chain here in America. Is this the same thing?)

I bet it was wonderful to see Ben's face when he saw his Grandma. What a lovely surprise. Made even sweeter by his reaction. I know it warmed Grandma's heart. How long does she get to stay?

You know, now Ben is going to be on the lookout for relatives everywhere you go! LOL

Red Dirt Mummy said...

LOL Ellie. Hungry Jack's is my true love ;)

Hey Chantalle - we now have Chicken Treat and Macca's as well as a couple of Fish'n'Chip type shops! It's almost metro LOL.

Hi Jen, yep KFC is Kentucky Fried Chicken. It started going by it's initials a few years ago here in Oz. Grandma's here for a week and we're all loving it. LOL about #1 looking for relative's everywhere - I'd wondered about that!

Susan said...

Can't believe Grandma carried KFC without the smell attracting other flyers. THey must have controlled themselves.
love Sue from the Avon Valley

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