Sunday, July 22, 2007


The new Harry Potter book, that is. I got it yesterday morning and finished it this morning. It might not be quite as good as some of the others but I laughed out loud at some bits and chuckled at others, recoiled at some bits and bit my nails through others and yes, I had a little cry in a few places too.

I probably wouldn't put it in the 'can't put it down' category but I had to get it read before Hubby returned from his overnight fishing/camping trip and stole it from me!


Chantalle said...

I finished about an hour ago. Too risky to go to school on Monday and expect the little buggers to keep quiet!

Claire said...

Ummm...I cheated and picked it up at the grocery store just to see if Harry lived or died. I've only read the first four but do want to read the just seems to take up a lot of my time!

Red Dirt Mummy said...

LOL Chantalle. You know, school would be much nicer places without all those pesky kids!

That's the kind of thing I would do Claire!