Monday, February 04, 2008

The Verdict Is In

A conversation on the way home from school:
Red Dirt Mummy: So, how was the first day of grade one?
Offspring #1: Well I don't really see the point in going.
RDM: (horrified) What do you mean?
#1: It's not like I learned anything today. All the stuff we did? I already know how to do it. I didn't learn to read or anything.
RDM: But mate, it's only the first day. You've got all year of being in grade one to learn stuff. I don't really think...
#1: We only did three things and none of them were much fun. So I don't think grade one is going to be that good...
RDM: (thinking furiously and trying to salvage the situation/conversation/educational future of her firstborn child!) Umm...well....
#1: (in a sad voice) and I was so incited.
PS: Upon further questioning it seems that he did do drawing, and the teacher read a story, and the new teacher they have is really really nice, and he made a brand new friend, and recess was good fun and... the mummy in this story thinks it's all going to be okay!


Mama said...

He may have a point!

Anonymous said...

Bless him...nothing worse than being 'incited' about something only to have it not live up to expectations! I hope you are planning on blogging your school lunch ideas! The girls both loved their first day at school (year 1 and kindy) and love their teachers...mummy loves the peace and quiet!

Red Dirt Mummy said...

Thanks for dropping by Mama.

Hi Kaz, glad your girls (and you)loved their days. And yes, the lunch-box ideas will be forthcoming shortly!