Saturday, March 22, 2008

Some Scrapping At Last

For someone who loves scrapping and has an enormous collection of scrapping materials, my efforts this year have been dismal to say the least. However, I did make it to a Midnight Madness event with some of the local scrappers last night and produced two single layouts along with an almost-finished double layout. I had a great night catching up with everyone and, as it happens, saying goodbye to most of them too.

Here are the two single pages I completed last night.


Melody said...

Nice work! I wish I could get back into my scrapbooking without someone else wanting to get into the act!

Sam Marshall said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Lynn said...

Hi, firstly thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I went to Sam's blog and saw the post about our sites...isn't she a sweetie :)

I love your blog. I know what you mean about having the materials but not doing much lol I've been in such a slump of late but I *think* it's coming back. Love these two layouts of yours. You did a great job.

I'll definitely be back regularly. I'm the worlds worst cook so hopefully I can get some inspiration from you ;)
xxx Lynn