Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ummm... Well She's Cute

But not so bright!

I bought offspring #2 some footless tights today. I had planned that they would go under a little denim overall dress she has. As we unpacked the goodies from our shopping trip #2 pounced on her tights and before I knew it was attempting to don them.

First she put them on upside down. Don't ask how! I was laughing way too hard to even consider a photo at that point but soon the blogger and scrapbooker in me won out and I choked back the laughter and grabbed the camera.

By then she had them on the right way but wasn't quite sure how far to pull them up.

I think she might need a bit more practice.

But the laughter was contagious.

Eventually she worked out that her feet were supposed to come out the other end.

Yep. Both of 'em.

Like I said, cute but not real bright.


Iris Flavia said...

Hopefully she forgives you the "not real bright"!!! :-)))

Over here they´re called "leggings", they´re for adults also. Seems like leggings at your place are for babies, "Strampelhose"?

Not that I like those, but you saved me from ever asking for leggings for myself in any english-native-speaking country! ;-)

Melody said...


They're a great set of photographs - scrapbook indeed!!

Anonymous said...

Cute, beautiful and the lights did come on in the end.
Nan & Pop love her anyway

Kristin said...

meh, who needs bright when you are that adorable!!

Sam Marshall said...

How absolutely adorable can you get???

Nomes said...

Does she take after mum or dad? At least she is cute and that will take her far!

Red Dirt Mummy said...

Yeah, they're leggings here too Iris. I just had a mental blank! And grown-ups can wear 'em too (if they should is an entirely different story LOL).

Thanks, Melody.

LOL Nan.

You have a good point, Kristing :)

Hi Sam!

LOL, Nomes. Definitely her Dad!