Monday, July 21, 2008

Thanks Little Brother!

My younger, but very much taller, brother sent us home a present last week. Some people might consider it kind of odd but we LOVED it! Can you work out what it is?

What if I give you a clue? He has a farm...

I'll give you another clue. Offspring #2 has taken to singing (*note - this is her version, in her own words LOL):

"Uncle M has a farm, ee-di-ee-di-oooooooooo

And on that farm he has some... seeeeeep! ee-di-ee-di-oooooooo

With a baa-baa here and a baa-baa there..."

Yep, it's some lovely fresh lamb! We got about a quarter (I think) of a sheep - chops, shanks, a lovely big roast, more chops, cutlets and some offcuts for the dog! He sure knows how to make this family happy.

Guess what we're having for dinner tonight???


Iris Flavia said...

Boy, I wouldn´t know what to do!
Am I glad my younger, taller brother is a goldsmith and optometrist! ;-)

Actually... I never had lamb but once in an indian restaurant!

Chantalle said...


Melody said...

Wow - that is a lot of money your have saved. I've made for tea tonight Curried Lamb Casserole. If it is tasty enough I'll post the recipe...

Sam Marshall said...

That looks wicked! I miss meat.