Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Kitchen Window

This is what I look out over from my kitchen window. It's just part of why I love my house so much.


Iris Flavia said...

Like a picture, how beautiful!

And that is taken in winter? I could get jealous! ;-)

Claire said...

Ahhhhh...I would love that! What a great view.

Anonymous said...

Terrible view...much prefer my colourbond fence lol!

Melody said...

Well, who could blame you?

Red Dirt Mummy said...

Thanks, Iris. And yes, it's still winter but we've had (well, until today) a lovely week or so of sunny weather.

Hi Claire. Thanks.

LOL Kaz. I'm looking forward to seeing that much-loved-and-admired fence of yours :)

Thanks, Melody.