Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tried This?

Regular readers will know that I'm not a big fan of 'packet food'. That is, food that comes from a packet mix with fresh ingredients added in. I'm truly not being a food snob about it (like I have anything to be snobby about anyway!) I just don't enjoy the packet-y taste that permeates the meal.

That said, there are of course a few exceptions. You'll be horrified to learn that my birthday cakes are ALWAYS packet cakes. Green's Butter Cake to be precise. The taste seriously good, never fail - which is important because I'm usually baking them at midnight the night before and don't have time to bake another cake - and they hold together well under mountains of icing.

I found another exception to the rule quite recently.

Preparing dinner in the slow cooker isn't very difficult but this makes it even easier. What tops that? It tastes fabulous, especially with lashings of sweet potato mash, and the kids demolish it quicker than you can threaten them with no dessert!


Sam Marshall said...

Looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to use my crockpot more lately--I'll have to look for that over here. I get tired of thinking of what to cook all the time--I love that I can throw something in the crockpot and not worry about cooking later. I like to put a roast or chicken pieces in the CP and get a couple of different meals out of it. Sheila

Belongum said...

I wish those slow cook crock pots were even more 'magical' then that... so does the XO (my t'other half). I'm certain there's times where she could chuck me in the damn thing and come home to find the WHOLE house clean, the meals prepared, her feet rubbed, her back massaged, and the bathtub full of hot water and a suitable bathbomb!

She (Yes the cat's mother - sheesh!) wouldn't mind some oof that bubbly you mentioned previously too lol.

Don't even start on me lol

cheers ;-)

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