Monday, January 05, 2009

A Quick Trip Away

Hubby had plans to play golf with his buddies from Red Dirt Central for last Friday. And when I found out that the game was being played in a town two hours from here, where a good friend of mine from Red Dirt Central hails from and had recently returned to live, I quickly decided that the kids and I should tag along and spend the day visiting. Upon checking that they would indeed be home we were promptly invited to arrive the day before and stay the night with R, J and their kids. We had a lovely night - the kids played, jumped on the trampoline, ran around under the sprinkler and eventually fell into their beds absolutely exhausted - while we caught up on all the news, partook of a few drinks together (or in the case of Hubby and J, a few more than a few drinks!) and enjoyed a very delicious bbq with all the trimmings.

Hubby headed off to golf the next morning while the kids and I visited a little longer before we too headed off to catch up with other friends. Our afternoon visit was to an old teaching friend of mine who Hubby and I worked with many, many years ago in Red Dirt Tiny Town. We hadn't seen each other since Offspring #2 was just a few months old, though we catch up here as well as through emails and Facebook, so it was really nice to sit and enjoy a cup of tea with her while all the kids played. Her kids are cute as buttons and went out of their way to make my kids feel welcome - so sweet just like their mum! It's kind of funny to think back on what we all got up to so many years ago and compare that to where we are today with kids and mortgages and the responsibilities that go along with each.
By late afternoon it was time to collect a rather 'tired'* Hubby (I'd already agreed to drive home so he was allowed to be a little 'weary' but he was rather more 'tired' than I'd anticipated!) from the golf course and start the journey home. He and Offspring #2 slept a good part of the trip and we arrived home a mere 28 hours after we'd left.
I managed to cart my camera along for the whole trip and didn't take a single photo (d'oh!) so no pics of beaches, or rivers or kids or anything at all!
tired* - code word for one who has a few beers while playing 18 holes of golf in 40C-odd temps and doesn't stop to eat lunch!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you made me blush! You and your gorgeous children are welcome to visit us anytime. It was lovely to catch up because it has been a very long time. Perhaps a reunion is due, that is if you have recovered from your last one!
Kaz xx

Iris Flavia said...

Sounds like you all had a great time! :-)

Red Dirt Mummy said...

A reunion would be fun Kaz - don't worry, I don't think it would be a repeat performance of my 'other' school reunion. And we'd love to have you lot visit with us anytime you're up in the big city.

It was great Iris. It's always nice to catch up with old friends.