Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just Asking for Trouble

It's one thing for me to demand that no-one touch dinner until I've taken a photo of it for my blog. It's quite another to have a child refuse to eat until I've taken a photo for the blog!

To be fair I did have the camera out and was taking pics of the best chicken schnitzel you'll ever taste (recipe will be here shortly) and Offspring #2 felt it was only fair that since I was snapping pics of my dinner I should snap pics of hers, and her brothers, too. And yes she's quite the connoisseur, as you can see by the tomato sauce carefully placed on each and every item on her plate.


Sam Marshall said...

Cool plates! You could do a bit of Possum Magic!!!
Love the dollops of sauce.

Kristin said...

It's a brand new world... my children have editing privileges over all photos taken!

Claire said...

LOL...this is too funny! I love the ketchup AND the fact that nothing is touching. Looks like my brother's plate. :-)