Monday, June 15, 2009

I Love Where We Live

It's true. I love where we live. Not just our little house but the street, the block, the neighbourhood, the whole darn hill. I love the trees. I love that the neighbours tend to be, well, a little bit more neighbourly than where some of my friends live. I love the peace and quiet - except for the incredibly noisy kookaburras playing in the front yard this morning. Scratch that. I love that we live somewhere that the incredibly noisy kookaburras play in the front yard.

And I love that when the kids yell at me to grab my camera because there is something amazing in the street I know what's getting them all excited and comply with their wishes.

Doesn't mean I'll get the shot though!

Still didn't get it but at least you get the idea...

And then we ran like lunatics down to the gate to try for some pictures of the amazing-ness.

Yep. Horses go down our street. Quite regularly. But it still gets the kids 19 different kinds of excited. Love it.

1 comment:

Iris Flavia said...

Lucky you! :-)

We have two sad Kookaburras here in our little zoo - they never make a noise. Well, I should send them to your place, really!

Horses, huh? ;-)