Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Lovely Day For A Picnic

We caught up with some friends today for a picnic up at Mundaring Weir. The weir provides water to pretty much all of Perth and, because of the lack of rain in these parts, is looking very low.

Miss Charlotte, who attended my morning tea a few weeks back, was there in all her sleepy, cuddly, 7 or so week old glory. She is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and my friend C and I fought over cuddles throughout the day.

We had a yummy bbq picnic lunch and the kids played and kicked the footy, explored and even found kangaroos. Sorry, we didn't get photos of them but I'll head back later this week and get some special kangaroo pics just for those of you who I know will be eager to see them. After lunch we took a walk across the weir wall.

And then climbed steps, steps and more steps on the way back.

And we made sure we crossed the road at the safest spot!

And just to prove that sometimes I do manage to be on the other side of the camera... here's me, looking very glamorous (NOT!) on the drive home.

It was a lovely, if freezing cold, day (16C today, but blue skies and sunny for the most part) and a terrific way to start the school holidays.

PS: Don't forget the giveaway. It's open till Thursday.


Iris Flavia said...

Very cute Baby-pic! And, my, cool zebra-crossing-pic :-)
You look great, too!

Chantalle said...

Ah, that just made me a bit homesick! When I was little, apparently I used to call it The Weird.

B and the boys said...

Looks like a wonderful adventure! Pic of everyone crossing the road is hilarious--do people think you're a bit off your rocker with taking pics for your blog or has it become such a part of your life that people expect it? 2 comments from me in one day---you know I have the boys parked in front of the TV. :)

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