Monday, November 20, 2006

Ahoy, me hearties

I had grand plans to blog on the weekend with all the things outlined in my last post but... once again real life got in the way and Blogger conspired against me at the same time. This is a very short post with a pic to keep my dedicated readers happy!

My beautiful boy in his pirate costume.

And "Aaarrr-ing" like the best of 'em!

The birthday party #1 attended was great fun - 8 little boys running around pretending to be pirates. I'm sure you can take a guess at the noise level LOL!


Chantalle said...

That's funny...I just went to a dress up party for grown ups which I'm sure had a similar dress code (an "I love Johnny Depp" Party), and a similar noise level. :)

red dirt mummy said...

Now that sounds like a fun party, Chantalle! What (or whom) did you dress up as? Got any pics to share with me?

The Cookbook Junkie said...

How adorable. Nick is getting a little pirate hat for Christmas, along with some other hats. He loves to play dress up.

Red dirt mummy said...

That sounds like fun, Paula. #1 has a big basket of dress-up and now #2 has caught the 'dress-up' bug too. We never know who will come out to play LOL!