Friday, November 17, 2006

Bad Blogger!!

I did post yesterday but for some reason Blogger sent it off to who-knows-where? instead of putting it into Blogland where it belonged. As well as being unable to post yesterday I can't add photos to my posts at the moment! Grrrr, bad bad Blogger!
Anyway, we made peanut butter cookies which I will post pics and recipe for over the weekend. I also cooked fish for dinner last night - a rare event in this house. But it was spectacular - if I do say so myself! Again, pics and recipe on the weekend.
#1 and I are off to a 5th birthday party for one of his kindy friends - a pirate party. He looks so cute and I have taken some really lovely photos (yeah, you'll see them on the weekend too). Then I'm off to an all-night scrap - if I can stay awake. Tacos out of a box for dinner - slack, I know!
So, ahoy me hearties and we'll see you on a day that starts with S!

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Claire said...

mmmmm...I love fish! Peanut butter cookies are good, too.