Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The House Needs Some Work!

I didn't get to post last night because Hubby had a meeting for work and I had a friend round to do some scrapping. By the time Hubby headed off, the kids were organised and dishes were done J had arrived and then we scrapped (and chatted, gossiped, laughed and ate chocolate!) until about 11pm. A late night for me! I did try to jump on and blog then but the connection was playing up - again - and I was too tired to fiddle around and get it all working.
I have a craft market coming up at the end of the month so have been busy making items to sell. Yesterday I got 4 star albums finished, a couple with a Christmassy look and a couple of 'pretty' ones, and I got started on an accordian album. I'll post some pics of them a bit later. I only managed to get so much done because #1 was at kindy and #2 had the biggest sleep in the history of... well the history of #2 LOL. The house has been sadly neglected so, in between a play-date and swimming lessons, I really need to do some housework today.


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's me!! I am trying out your instructions as this will be the million and tenth time I've tried to comment on the stuff in your blog thingy. Hope #2 is all good. How's the wrecked mummy? I'm not a big asparagus fan so how about...ummm...CHOCOLATE SLICE!!

luv from Auntie Trish x

red dirt mummy said...

Yay Trish! You finally made it work!! #2 is all good, thankyou. I'll aim to make choc slice for you next week, okay?