Friday, December 22, 2006

In The Big City

WooHoo!! It is so excellently excellent to be home for a few weeks. We had a good trip down, the kids were great and coped well with the drive. Arrived Tuesday and since then I have shopped (spent $600 yesterday! oh dear) had my hair done (I am just about totally in love with myself LOL) caught up with friends, and just loved being here. I'm at Mum and Dad's for my birthday lunch at the moment - lots of yummy 'party' food and some lovely presents. I asked for lots of cooking stuff and recieved a new loaf tin, a friand tin, a couple of cook books I was after that I will share recipes from when I return home, a very daggy old CD that I really wanted (I'm too embarrassed to share it with you!).
Anyway, must run and drink some more champagne with Mum before we go out for dinner with the in-laws.
I'll check in next week with some photos of the kids and our holiday.


Chantalle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MANDI!! Hope you enjoy you enjoy your time in the big smoke.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!