Saturday, December 16, 2006

See You In A Month

We're off tomorrow morning for a month long holiday to the Big City! We're going to take three days to drive down, just taking it easy and try to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. We've planned a week or so with each set of parents, a few days down south with a couple of sets of friends, and throughout there will be lots catching up with friends and family and shopping (WOOHOOO!!! that bit is very exciting) and then three days to drive back up. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone, doing some shopping and, of course, Christmas.
Offspring #1 is so excited he is just about bouncing. It's wonderful that he is so excited about seeing Nanny and Pop, Grandma and Grandpa and his friends but it seems that the excitement is taking up space in his head usually reserved for skills like listening, minding his manners and, my personal favourite, following instructions.
The washing is all done and sorted, now I just need to cart it all out to the caravan. The presents, along with several bags of baby clothes now outgrown by #2 and headed for a friends baby, have been stowed in various under-storage areas. The food for the trip has been sorted and needs only to be 'esky-ed' tomorrow morning and I just need to check the first-aid kit and make sure we have baby panadol and bonjella for a teething wee person who is unhappily chewing on anything she can find.
I will try to check in once a week or so and share news and pics of our holiday but will be back for real mid-January.
For now, the House of Red Dirt wishes you and yours a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. See you in 2007.


Chantalle said...

How cool! I remember how exciting it was coming down from Karratha. It's all downhill from Geraldton! It's good that you're taking your time. I remember my father doing it in just over 11 hours once - I think he averaged about 160kph! Anyway, have a great break and whirlwind visit. Will miss your blog.

JenTX said...

A whole month! Wow. I know you'll have a great time but will be ready to get back home. One of my favorite lines from one of the books I used to read my kids was "Though it had been fun to roam, it was good to be back home." (from Pigs in the House) We loved that book and I've saved it for if I ever get any grandkids!

Be sure to take a lot of pictures. I'd love to see Christmas Down Under! And I always love to see Ben and Libby.

Merry Christmas! Have a safe trip.

kitchen hand said...

Enjoy and have a great Christmas.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

And I just got my ability to comment to your blog back.

Enjoy your holiday. That's a long trip!

JenTX said...

Forgot you were gone and checked your blog....again! Miss you. Hope you're having fun and I'm looking forward to a report with pics!