Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I was cleaning the bathroom this morning and decided that the shower needed a good scrub. So I crouched down in the shower to scrub gunge from the corner. I forgot that the shower cleaning stuff makes the floor waaaaayyyy slippery. I scrubbed a bit too hard and my feet shot our from under me and I made a very inelegant dive onto the shower floor landing on one knee, one wrist and one elbow. Nice look!


Claire said...

OW! Hope you're not too bruised!

Anonymous said...

Well who's a silly billy then?? Hmm..? Not good for those knees of yours. I hope you aren't too bruised for the busy lead-up-to-Christmas week.

Take (better) care. Talk soon.

Auntie Trish

Red dirt mummy said...

Not too bruised, Claire. Although a little sore today.

Hi Trish! Yep, I'm a silly billy, but at least I had an excuse for falling over this time instead of just falling over nothing at all like I usually do!