Wednesday, December 13, 2006

And The Heavens Opened

We just had our first rain for the season! Considering how long it is since we have seen rain it was pretty exciting. We got 10ml of rain the temperature dropped by about 10 degrees, then it got humid and steamy. Aaahhh, the wet season in Red Dirt Central. You've gotta love it.
Before the thunderstorm we had the grey skies roll in and this beauty in the sky. If you look carefully you can see the second rainbow too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mandi
I have just made some snickerdoodles and they are yumadoodle! Quick, easy and great with a cuppa! Perfect for me as biscuits are not usually my friend in the kitchen! Love Kazza

red dirt mummy said...

Hi Kazza, YAY you got blogger to work! Glad you enjoyed the snickerdoodles - they couldn't be much easier could they?

kitchen hand said...

We had our first rain in for December in Melbourne last night. Ten minutes of drumming on the roof then gone. Dry by morning.