Sunday, January 14, 2007

Anyone For Scones?

I finally got to try out my new microwave this morning. I thought I would start with a tried and true recipe, so that I could get an idea of what the convection side of it does and fiddle future recipes accordingly. And what better place to start than a batch of scones? I must admit that in my haste I forgot to brush milk over the top so they didn't come out quite as nicely as they should have but texture-wise they were perfect and they tasted just fine with some butter and jam spread over them. Both boys heartily approved of the results (#2 was napping so she missed out).

As well as buying the microwave on our trip I also managed to fit in lots of other shopping - clothes for the kids, last minute Christmas gifts, a bunch of birthday presents for those celebrating in the near future and of course clothes and shoes for me. Here's a sample of some of the loot! Yes, as well as cooking, scrapbooking and reading I love shoes! It is an addiction but one I'm willing to run with (although Hubby may think differently when the credit card bill arrives!).

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