Monday, January 15, 2007

A sleepover

#1 has a friend sleeping over tonight. This is our first ever sleepover and the boys are still awake at 9pm! I just checked on them and they are in one bed reading books together - very cute although they have been told to hop back in their own beds as soon as the book is finished and then is straight to sleep or #1 will be put into my bed! Hubby is off fishing early in the morning so I get breakfast duty on my own with 2 tired four year olds and #2 who takes after me in the "I'm not really a morning person" stakes! Hmmm... can't say I'm totally looking forward to it LOL.
Nothing exciting happening today. I made herbed crumbed fish for dinner - very yummy - and am about to tackle an enormous basket of ironing. I really want to be scrapbooking but can't bring myself to settle down to a fun activity when I have ironing and other chores to be done. Maybe if I can get all my chores done tonight I can have a reward tomorrow night! Geez, having a work ethic as a stay-at-home-mummy really sucks!


Claire said...

Sounds like fun...I have a picture from one of my first sleepovers with my best friend. We're actually very much asleep in the bed. That doesn't last long, so enjoy it! I think I'm having fish for dinner tonight as well. Yum! When I go by the fish, I'll check on the amounts of cream and sugar for you and let you know. Sorry about that!

Claire said...

Okay, I checked on the amounts. A box of brown sugar is a pound, 16 oz, so I guess that's around 1/2 kilo? The amount needed for the cream is 1 cup/8oz. I usually right those measurements out and just copied the recipe from an e-mail my mom sents, so it just said "c." and I didn't notice. Sorry! Hope this helps and that you get to try it in your WONDERFUL new microwave! :-)

Red dirt mummy said...

Thanks so much, Claire. I'm planning to try them out next week. I'll let you know how I go.