Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It's Moments Like These

that I remember what I love about teaching kids.

As you know I have done after-school tutoring throughout the year. I've had between three and four students on the go and, with the school year drawing to a close, have just finished up with them all. I get paid (darn well, too) for the tutoring and expect nothing more, though a thankyou is always much appreciated. I received lovely end of year thankyou speeches from most of the students and their parents but had an extra special one from the naughtiest, laziest, most rat-baggy one (who is secretly my favourite).

I was touched, especially when his mum made a point of telling me that he'd bought them with his own hard-earned money. He stammered out a very awkward little thankyou speech as he thrust the flowers in my general direction and I was so moved by the sweetness that shone through. It's not often that I miss teaching but this was one of those rare moments.

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