Saturday, May 03, 2008

Making Pretties

I had some time to myself last night - Hubby was out and the kids were in bed - and I couldn't resist a little scrapping time. I made a little something for each of the kids and, while these have absolutely no practical use, I love 'em.

Each chipboard (*edited to add, Hubby has informed me it's actually MDF) letter is about 17cm/6.5 inches high and about half an inch wide so they are nice and sturdy, and heavy enough to stand up on their own.

Here they are looking pretty in the dining room but really they're for their bedroom.


Sam Marshall said...

I love these!!! They're just beautiful.

Chantalle said...

Very cute. Something for the bedroom doors, when you've got your own doors back?

Reading you complaining about chilly conditions, I'm about to take a bunch of yr 9's camping in the mountains, now that's cold! Yes, me, camping! I know!

Red Dirt Mummy said...

Thanks Sam, I though you'd like them. So, want me to get you some letters at Spotlight? LOL.

Camping? Chantalle? Nah, I can't really picture that one! Have fun, and I hope you manage to stay warm.