Monday, January 19, 2009

Use The Force

For some bizarre reason Offspring #1's favourite character from Star Wars is Darth Vadar. It took some convincing to get him to understand that Vadar was actually a 'baddie' and he still can't see why people don't like him. That said, his buddy across the road had a Star Wars birthday party on the weekend and, as he was planning to be Annakin, kindly offered some pieces towards a Darth Vadar costume to #1. The creative part of my genetic make-up is somewhat lacking but the Daddy in our family took over and put together a terrific costume. #1 was thrilled and, just quietly, I think his Dad was pretty chuffed too!


Anonymous said...

That's a RIPPER effort Mandi... what a cool costume! Stamps to your t'other half - spot on job that one lol ;-)

Having said that - now go and do a search on Youtube - "Deathstar Canteen" - where a Brit comedian takes the mick out of the idea of the Deathstar having it's own Canteen - very funny! I prefer the lego version myself... lol


Iris Flavia said...

What a costume for summer, LOL!