Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Merry, Merry King of the Bush Is He

Here's one of the loud, laughing kookaburras who likes to hang out in our yard. They seem to be having a bit of a territorial war at the moment and there's a whole lot of fairly aggressive laughing going on, a bit of flying at each other, the odd tactical retreat and then they start all over again. If they're not doing that they're very busy taking fly-by dives at the fish pond and stealing the baby gold-fish.

And yes, I do get fed up with the noise because they can be loud. Like seriously bloody LOUD. Like loud enough for people on the other end of the phone to ask what the heck all that noise is. But then I pinch myself and think about how lucky I am to live on an acre block with lots of trees, in the metro area. And how I totally take that for granted. And I think about how so many people never get to hear a kookaburra laugh and I hear it just about every single day. And how that's kind of unreal and spectacular.


Jo MacD said...

Sometimes young kookaburras (can you believe there's no nickname for those guys - kooks? burras?) will live with their parents for a year or two, helping to raise their younger siblings, especially when their aren't many available nest sites around. But there comes a time when the parents say - that's enough, bud, you're on your own! All that laughing is the kookaburra equivalent of a teenager slamming doors and saying "You can't make me!" : )

Chicken Willow said...

We get lots as well, I love them, but they can be very loud!

Iris Flavia said...

Yips, exactly, they go on your nerves, but, hey, how lucky are you to have em! Miss those guys! We have none like them!
Ohhh, and he looks so cute, too!

Btw... your mail still hasn´t arrived! Lazy postman again?

Dr. Alice said...

Never have heard a kookaburra, I hope to some day when I finally get to Australia. He is cute, but I wouldn't restock the fish pond if I were you. :-)

B and the boys said...

Thank you for the pic of the kookaburra; we had never seen one and the kids adored your picture! I always enjoy your posts, but am quite fond of hearing about your picky eater--my last son is nearly as picky and I like to hear how you handle it. Have a super weekend!