Monday, May 31, 2010

Tales from Reno-land

We spent the weekend shovelling dirt and laying turf. And this time, for a very rare change, when I say WE, I really do mean WE. Generally the 'we' really means hubby. Fabulous, wonderful, very clever and very capable hubby. But this time we were on a deadline - the turf has to be laid within 24 hours and the soil was delivered only an hour or two before the turf arrived so we had to move. Fast.

So I was handed a shovel and told to get to work. Three hours later, the soil was spread and I had some seriously aching arms and shoulders. Then hubby laid down his shovel and got busy laying the turf while I fed and watered the troops.

And when we woke up the next morning...

Shame we've got this much more to do. Ummm.... yeah, that's this weekend's job.

And the front wall is progressing nicely. Here's the tiered section on one side that is just about done.

And now we are (okay, he is) heading down the side and towards the back. This is what it looks like right at the moment.

Again, yeah that's this weekend's job. I think the shovel and I are going to become very close. Maybe I need to give it a name so I feel a little more friendly towards it?


Donna said...

Looking good. I'll need to come and pay you a visit sometime.

Anonymous said...

Great job, Glenn (and Mandi, lol)! Kaz x

Anonymous said...

Nah - don't name it Mandi... it just makes swearing at it all the more personal!

Besides - you know those bloody shovels refuse to bite cleanly into crap 'dirt' just out of shear spite... the rotten buggers!

Threaten 'em with the old "don't make me recycle you" routine. It always works! You don't keep horses do you? Gawd knows that would work too - worn out shovels go on to shovel - ahem - 'excrement' don't you know...

Serve them right too!


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