Cast of Characters

Red Dirt Mummy
That'd be me. Mum, wife, chief cook and bottle-washer. I love to feed people so it's kinda lucky that I also love to cook. Sadly, I don't like cleaning quite as much but I figure you can't have everything.
Red Dirt Daddy aka Hubby
The love of my life. He's in charge of the ongoing reno's and, despite his grumbles, he loves it. He can build anything, fix just about everything and is my complete opposite in just about every single way. He makes me laugh more than just about anyone else, has ridden to my rescue more times than either of us care to count and knows all my secrets. Luckily he's not open to blackmail.

Offspring #1
AKA the boy-child. My footy-mad, speed-loving, sister-teasing, boy. He's my number one food taste-tester, loves to critique the meals I serve up, and happily tries anything I cook. He's kind and compassionate, sweet, generous and loving, He's also a 5th generation redhead. Just warning you.

Offspring #2
AKA the girl-child. My pink-mad, Barbie-loving, brother-teasing, girl. She's doesn't like when the food on her plate is touching, refuses to try new foods and generally drives me insane at meal times. Despite that she loves to help me in the kitchen. She also gives the best hugs, loves getting letters in the mail box and has the most infectious giggle you ever heard.