Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello There

I tried really hard to make this site work again but, alas, it's not going to plan. So instead I've imported the whole thing across to my new blog - On The Sunny Side.

I really hope that, if you're still checking in here, you'll come across and join me there.

I Am...

eating banana cake and enjoying every single mouthful. I'm thinking there's gonna have to be an extra 4km walk fitted in somewhere today!
I'm not falling off the wagon again. I've made a deliberate decision to enjoy a small piece of cake and then eat carefully and sensibly for the rest of the day. The old me would have scoffed two pieces of cake, felt sick, then gone back for more later.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Yesterday was hectic so I'm sneaking this in first thing Wednesday morning.

As I said, yesterday was hectic. Hectic. HECTIC! I worked back late and raced home to grab in washing and get dinner on thinking I'd have to sacrifice my walk to make a meeting at 7.30 that night. Instead I arrived home to kids playing nicely and a Hubby getting dinner sorted. I did grab the washing in then chucked on my sneakers and took off for my walk and got back to dinner being served. When we'd finished eating Hubby wrangled the kids into the shower while I showered and dressed for my meeting and then headed out leaving him to do the bedtime stuff.

So, today, I'm really glad to have a wonderful husband who steps up when I need him to. Especially one who steps up without me having to ask.

Thanks Honey. I love you. xx

Monday, March 07, 2011

Warning: Gratuitous Kitten Post

What is it about cats and comfy places to sleep? Spike is only 10 weeks old and he's already found the best place to nap.

Sadly for him the ironing pile is no longer there. It's all ironed and put away so he's had to settle for the couch instead. It's a hard life alright - sleeping, eating and no chores!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Oh. Hello.

Sorry, it's been a while. I feel like I have lots I want to say but... time gets away and then I can't decide if I want to say it anymore and, truth be told, I miss Red Dirt Mummy way more than I thought I would. I'm still thinking about what to do about that.

In brief dot point,here's what's been happening:
- kids are both good. Badly behaved right this very second, but otherwise fine.
- I'm feeling very much over the whole motherhood gig right now. I need a babysitter and a couple of hours away from both the house and my offspring VERY badly. But it's not likely to happen anytime soon so I will just have to, as the saying goes, suck it up Princess!
- work is Flat Out. I hardly every manage a lunch break - lunch is snatched at my desk while I work furiously to get tasks done before yet more people arrive at my door with demands I can't meet. It's exhausting and my head spins the whole time I'm there. Sadly it means I think about work a whole lot more than I should when I'm not there too.
- Hubby has hurt his arm quite badly so, along with being a wee bit bad-tempered because of the pain, he is terribly frustrated by all the things he can't do. Not pretty.
- Further to that all work on the house has come to a grinding halt.
- The new kitty is growing nicely. He's cute and fluffy and purry and we're all slavishly devoted to him. I would however like if he would stop weeing on my bed. Yes, you read that right.
- We had a stompingly good storm earlier in the week. It was all rather exciting with massive rain, spectacular wind gusts, an amazing thunder storm and trees falling down all about the place. There was so much rain that the nearly-empty water tank filled up inside less than 30 minutes. It was all very exciting right up until the power stayed off for 30 odd hours and everything in the freezer partially defrosted resulting in it all needing to be thrown out. Also the kitchen ceiling at Mum's place cracked and partly caved in because of the amount of water that hit the roof and I had to deal with the housesitter and the insurance company in her "I'm on a lovely long holiday on the other side of the country and I won't be back till April" absence.  
- And partly because of the stress at work, the lack of power, dealing with Mum's place and a lack of attention to detail I completely fell off the healthy lifestyle wagon this week. Like, I'm lying in the muddy path having been run over by the wagon's wheels, kind of fell off. So I'm beating myself up about that and feeling crappy.

Sorry. This isn't a remotely sunny side up kind of post but I feel a whole heap better having just spewed all that out. So I guess it kind of served a purpose.

And to borrow a phrase from Kim at allconsuming... onward!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Thing's I'm happy, grateful or otherwise thankful about this week:
  • The new little man who has stolen my heart (see previous post!)
  • That I'm sticking to my new 'healthy lifestyle plan' and, at yesterday's check in (ie weigh in) I'd lost 2 kilo's.
  • We've had no hiccups with school yet.
  • We added after-school care into the mix today and the kids were disappointed that Daddy arrived so early because they didn't get to have their afternoon tea.
  • I made some yummy Lamb Koftas for dinner tonight from and everyone liked them. There's one left and my boy has 'baggsed' it for his lunch.

Sunday, February 06, 2011


our newest family member. Spike.

He's six weeks old, slightly mental in the way that only kittens (and puppies) can be and has just about stolen my heart.

We saw him yesterday and Hubby, who is usually the hard-hearted one and had sworn he didn't ever want another cat, decided then and there that this little boy was the cat for us. He did some serious sweet-talking until I caved and so we collected him today.

The kids are completely captivated and if they don't kill poor Spike with kindess or wear him out completely with their 'playing' within the week I'll be pleasantly surprised.  

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

An Excellent Day

The kids both had a fantastic first day at school. My boy came home bubbling over about all that had happened through the day and my girl was just happy which makes me one very relieved Mummy. I headed back to work after two and half weeks off and also had a great day - busy, didn't stop, ran like a crazy woman all day long, but great. I'm very lucky to have an awesome boss who 'gets' the whole working mum thing and is very flexible so I was only at work for 4 or 5 hours today so that I could deliver and collect the kids on their first day.
And, being the loving Mum I am, I made their favourite meal for dinner. I really did get extra points when I served up the spag bol!
So a nice short work day, happy kids and the work/mum thing balancing nicely. All in all an excellent day.