Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Yesterday was hectic so I'm sneaking this in first thing Wednesday morning.

As I said, yesterday was hectic. Hectic. HECTIC! I worked back late and raced home to grab in washing and get dinner on thinking I'd have to sacrifice my walk to make a meeting at 7.30 that night. Instead I arrived home to kids playing nicely and a Hubby getting dinner sorted. I did grab the washing in then chucked on my sneakers and took off for my walk and got back to dinner being served. When we'd finished eating Hubby wrangled the kids into the shower while I showered and dressed for my meeting and then headed out leaving him to do the bedtime stuff.

So, today, I'm really glad to have a wonderful husband who steps up when I need him to. Especially one who steps up without me having to ask.

Thanks Honey. I love you. xx